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California flag wall art and the history and struggle behind it

Flag of California Republic

While most people believe that flags are to be reserved for use by government and public institutions only as an exemplification of power, this is certainly not true. Flags are connected to a history of the citizenry, and beyond doubt represent their values, norms, and resolution. The California flag as an example is renowned for its historic bear.

The flag was first raised by settlers at Sonoma to profess a direct revolt to the Mexican rule. The bear was not in vain, and it’s certain that the designer William Todd employed it in the design as California was and is the land of bears. In the progress of time, the state legislature designated the bear as the official animal of the state, making the bear’s image a permanent stay in the flag. The bear, though having precursor designers, is agreed upon that it represented the formidable strength of the revolt.

The flag also contains a lone Texas star, red in color. This predates the bear in that it was first used in the flag of California nationalist and governor, Juan Alvarado in the 1830’s. Juan Alvarado was unable to put up a strong rebellion against Mexican rule because the southern leaders did not join him. The lone star flag, without a bear, was basically his flag and was retained to commemorate his struggle for an independent California.

Several changes to the state flag have been effected. There was a wide contention of the same during the secessionist’s politics with some parts of the state like Los Angeles flying the bear flag, and other areas in favor of the union flying another flag that had red stripes that had been introduced. In the 1950s nonetheless, the state legislature harmonized the flags to the current fashion. It also standardized the colors.

The modernized white flag, which is reputably one of the most historically conscious flag in the USA, has the colors of white, red, maple sugar, seal and Irish green.  The Seal color is used in the background of California Republic. White is the predominant color but it is also important to note that the bear claws are accented with white. There is also a red stripe running on the bottom of the flag.

Having the beautiful California flag wall art of today captures this reality, despite the fact that designing the whole flag and retaining the natural flaws of the modern flag is greatly ingenious. There are no aspersions to the fact that the wall art is incredibly beautiful for decoration as well as to serve as a living memoir of its beautiful history.

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